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When it comes to

well, you just never know. On this trip to the Bio Preserve in San Ignacio, Baja, we had whales frolicking around the boat, leaping up to kiss us, and returning over and over for more nose rubs from every pair of hands on the panga.

It's great to be popular with a mama Gray whale and her baby. Really, it's incredibly satisfying. It just doesn't happen to everyone who endures the trip to this remote location. No guarantees.

So we embark on the Cherry Tales journey. You, my reader, and me, the woman crazy enough to plow into a new genre with stories drawn straight from the environment closest to my own skin. The outcome of it all is as unpredictable as a trip to visit the whales. The journey is just as inevitable.


Serial fiction is as old as newspapers. What's new about this is the vehicle of distribution just waiting for writers with the spunk to give it a whirl. The outcome remains to be seen. Do you like this shorter form of noveling? Do you see how it's a little bit like a television series? How many of you, my readers, want to read stories this way?


Here's a prediction. I'll write ten episodes a year, and that will constitute a season. Yeah, again, kinda like a television series. These characters have a lot of territory to cover, so if you'll come back for more, I'll keep producing their stories.

I look forward to sharing more and more of the tales of Cherry McClay.

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Suzanna Stinnett

03.09.12 Author Note #1